Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Slimming World: weeks 1-4.

I mentioned previously that me and Danny had decided to start the Slimming World diet - together so we have each other for support! We've never eaten too badly for main meals and in the last few years we've worked really hard to try and have varied meals containing as many vegetables as we could fit in. However, my snacking was more than a little out of control and portion sizes were a bit on the large size! We tried to cut back where we could but with the festive period looming and therefore a whole array of festive titbits in the house we couldn't help ourselves and come January we were desperately craving fresh and healthy foods! 

We have friends who have had great success with Slimming World so we thought we'd give it a go. I only want to lose a stone so I can get back down to my pre-IVF weight (and possibly a little bit more depending on how I feel then). Have any of you tried Slimming World? Let me know if you have and if you have any hints or tips then swing them my way!

I have to admit, I've probably chosen the worst time of year to start a diet because all I want to do in the Winter is eat comforting, warm, stodgy foods - if I'd done this in the summer it would have been a doddle! It's all quite simple to follow though. I've not found myself hungry at any stage and I love that you don't really have to cut anything out - as long as it's all within your daily allowances.

I was a little worried about my calcium intake because of my borderline osteoporosis, however, because I'm breastfeeding, I'm allowed an extra 'Healthy A' a day which is things like milk and cheese. I haven't used my extra 'HexA' yet though as my calcium levels were fine when I had them checked last year and I'm probably having more calcium with this diet already because I can have 'free' things like cottage cheese and some yoghurts. I do always make sure my 'A' choice for the day is milk though.

Anyway, I didn't know if any of you would be interested in this but I'm going to do a little regular summary of how the diets going. I'm not going in to detail with what I've eaten as I'm boring everyone over on Instagram every day with that but I thought it would be nice to just do a little progress post every few weeks!

Anyway, here's weeks 1-4! 

Week 1: days 1-7.

After this week I had dropped 2lbs which I was really pleased with. 

I was only able to exercise gently on 2 days and that left me feeling exhausted and in quite a lot of pain for the rest of the week. Can anyone suggest any gentle exercise that I could try (at home)? I did 23 minutes of yoga on each of those days and it wasn't overly strenuous but my tummy hurt so much from it and my fatigue was really bad. I'm really lost on what exercise I can do if something as gentle as yoga can leave me feeling like this.

I felt like I found my way a bit more by the end of the week and ate a bit better so hopefully next week should be easier. I've also realised that just because it's 'free' doesn't mean I have to eat it! I definitely felt a little too full after some of these breakfasts and lunches so that's something I've already started working on.

I've also noticed that with all the Slimming World recipes we have tried or looked at so far, they don't include vegetables in the sauces which I think is a great opportunity to add lots of goodness. It's definitely an area where we can improve on the recipe!

But so far I feel much better within myself, much less bloated and, overall, I feel pretty happy with how it's going - besides the odd few stumbles this week. I'm also wondering if it will have any effect on my endometriosis pains over the next few months. 

Anyway, here's hoping for another loss next week! 

Week 2: days 8-14.

After this week I had dropped 1lb which I was really pleased with, especially since I was also on my period and wanted to eat the entire kitchen! Only 11lbs more to go! I'm feeling a lot more comfortable already for dropping 3lbs and apparently it's noticeable that I have lost weight already which is always nice to hear! 

I felt much happier going in to this week knowing a bit more on what to expect and what to cut back on and add more of, and my portion sizes have been much better also.

Week 3: days 15-21.

After this week I had dropped 1lb. It's going slowly but it's going! 10lbs to go! 

Week 4: days 22-28.

I am so happy this week because I've managed to drop 3lbs!!! That's my biggest loss so far and takes me down to the halfway mark - half a stone gone, just another 7lbs left!

I've been trying to cut my syns down during the week and just have the full amount at the weekend, as well as not saving them just for treats but instead using them for our dinners also. It's meant I've enjoyed those dinners a lot more and they've left me feeling a lot more satisfied and like I've eaten something naughty so I'm not craving so much bad stuff! I've also been trying to put veg with things instead of rice or potato - for example, we used carrot and butternut squash spaghetti and cauliflower rice this week, and we bought ourselves a spiralizer (at last!) so now we can have these things more often.

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